Víctor Guadiana

Victor Guadiana
Victor Guadiana


Víctor Guadiana has a long professional career dedicated to his passion, his music and the violin.

Since he was little, he was in the world of classical and baroque music with the violin, however, a lifetime dedicated to music makes Víctor go into other genres such as Rock, Funk or Blues.

Later, as an instrumentalist, he went to the “flamenco” and “fusion” genres, two of the styles that currently occupy most of his work as a violinist on stages, tablaos and festivals nationally and internationally.

In his first album “Music for Dance, Vol.1”, Víctor demonstrates absolute skill and control over the instrument and gives us unique compositions and a majestic violin that brings us closer to the most contemporary flamenco.

In short, the majesty and fusion with which Víctor Guadiana brings you closer to the sound of the violin is the wonder made into song.

Listen to “Heart Beating” for a powerful soundtrack starring a violin .

Fun fact: in addition to his hypnotic violin, Victor has an experimental rock group called Wady.

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