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Second is a Spanish Indie Rock band originated in Murcia.

Sean Frutos y Jorge Guirao were the founders of Second in 1997, later adding Nando Robles, Fran Guirao and Javi Vox to the group.

With their indie pop sounds, they would consistently be the winners of several local musical contests in their beginner years. This allowed them a great audience for their first album, “Pose”, in 2003, which they entered in the GBOB International Bands Contest in London. After this success, they went on  a UK tour, and later added stops in the biggest festivals in Spain. This pushed them to start writing and releasing music in Spanish like “Invisibles” or “Demasiado Soñadores”.

In 2022 they released their latest project “Flores Imposibles”.

Listen to “Flores Imposibles” if you believe anything is possible.

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