Sara Sístole


Sara Fernández has traveled from Coruña to Madrid with a clear goal: to let music run through her veins.

Despite her shy personality, she has known from a very young age that music was her destiny. She would sing herself to sleep and write poems until she was able to write music to them. She studied trumpet at the conservatory and learned guitar on her own. Sara is a strong believer in letting creative freedom flow out of one’s self, so she knew what she had to do.

She started writing her own songs at age 15, writing simple melodies with powerful lyrics. She kept pursuing her passion while she studied History and Science of Music and Music Technology.

Today, Sara dedicates full-time to her music, writing and releasing albums that take you on a journey, giving herself to her work, and writing of love in all its forms.

Grab your headphones and listen to “El Río” if you want to listen to poems turned music.

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