Ramiro McTersse

Ramiro McTersse
Ramiro McTersse


Ramiro McTersse “Ramiroquai”, develops his work as a “Cultural Manager” and combines it with other professional commitments such as A&R, producer and presenter.

Without mentioning his multiple cultural projects, “Ramiroquai” produces and composes bespoke tracks that require a trap or hip hop style. For instance, “Dame un Like”, a track he created for the Filipinos 2020 advertising campaign.

Ramiro can compose a trap song for an advertising campaign as well as create a beat with a gospel choir. He is to us, a musical guru.

Listen to“Dame un like” if you want to catch your crush's attention on instagram.

Fun fact: At a decisive moment in his life, Ramiro decided to go to Asia where he climbed the Himalayas and connected with nature.

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