Paco Damas

Paco Damas
Paco Damas


Singer songwriter from Jaén, Paco Damas is a very committed artist to social and protest causes. With his songs he promotes social justice, solidarity, equality and a long etcetera.

He combines his own songs with the musicalization of great universal poets such as Santa Teresa de Jesús, Miguel Hernández, Lorca, Alberti, Machado …

Currently, he is involved in his project “Paco Damas canta a Las Sinsombrero” which constitutes his sixth album where Paco musicalizes the poets of the women from the 27th generation and his fundamental objectives are: the visibility of Women in Culture, Education, Equality and Non-violence of gender.

This album, thought and composed in feminine, has eleven musical collaborations, all women singers such as Rozalén, Carmen París, Marina Heredia, Carmen Linares, Pilar Jurado, La Shica, Roko, Clara Montes, Amparo Sánchez (Amparanoia), Argentina and Cristina del Valle.

Paco Damas mixes rhythms such as pop, rock and boleros, and at the same time gives voice to those who for years did not have it.

Play “Delirio del incrédulo” if you want a song to freedom.

Fun fact: he loves driving his car and drives to every concert he can.

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