Leon Coeur

Leon Coeur
Leon Coeur


Hugo and Will  are Leon Coeur, a multilingual project that was born in the streets of London.

With their debut EP “Les Comédiens”, they conquered thousands of Spanish speakers. You can travel to the bohemian France at the beginning of the century with “Rosie” or ‘Cigarettes’, or stumble upon a dance song such as “Ceniza y Alquitrán” which, in addition, was part of the soundtrack of the movie “Uno para todos” (nominated for the Spanish Goya Awards); and you can finally end up with an old-fashioned love story “Charlotte” as a final destination.

Leon Coeur is committed to cultural and musical variety and give all their songs a theatrical touch.

His second album, “Tapas”, recorded at Reno Studios, was composed in London and shows us the contrast of sensations experienced throughout their time in the city.

Leon Coeur takes you to their experiences through music.

Play: Listen to “Ceniza y Alquitrán” if you are a fan of buenrollismo (good vibes) .

Fun fact: this musical project was born on the streets of London

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