La Red Bullet

La red Bullet
La Red Bullet


Post-rock style band from Pamplona and formed by Borja Muerza, Mikel Salinas, Josu Salinas and Nacho Muerza.

La Red Bullet is rock and dark atmospheres. Formed in 2012, the band released their first album “Railways” in February 2014. A concept album which helped them consolidate their foundations towards instrumental experimentation.

The band composed and recorded two soundtracks for the film documentaries “Pagoa, Memorias del Irati” (which made them win the Kino award) and “El Aoiz de Entonces” (created by the Aoiz City Council).

In 2020 they released “Mariner Eleven”, undoubtedly their most experimental album, which is also the main soundtrack of the documentary “Islandia. El refugio perfecto”.

Play “Black Water” if you want a rock chill soundtrack.

Fun fact: the band has a ritual whereby there is no rehearsal without a tortilla and a coffee.

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