K!NGDOM, is an independent trio based in Madrid formed by Ane, Gomis and Iván, was born with the purpose of creating their own place in the music scene. This was quickly recognized by international emblematic bands as OMD or White Lies, who personally chose K!ngdom to open their concerts in Spain, handing them the baton as heirs of the new synthpop.

The band released its debut album ‘K!ngdom’ on October 23, 2020. The 10 tracks included are self-produced and edited by the band and are characterized by an elegant use of synthesizers combined with a powerful and energetic sound.

In English or Spanish, their songs go beyond the screens. They have composed the theme song ‘My voice’ for the promotional campaign for the Antena 3 music programme ‘La Voz’.

They have also created the track for the trailer of the Spanish Netflix series ‘Valeria’, which led them to be among the ‘The 50 most viral in Spain’ list on Spotify.

Their good vibes and the virality of their songs have positioned the band group as one of the most promising newcomers in the Spanish scene.

Genre: synth-pop.

Listen to "Valeria" a song from the Netflix original series.

Fun fact: Ana, Gomis and Iván met through an app to find your musical “match”.

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