Jorge Bedoya

Jorge Bedoya
Jorge Bedoya


Actor, pianist and composer born in Oviedo. Jorge Bedoya began to study piano at age 5 and since then his piano has been his life partner. As a pianist he has given numerous concerts in Spain and in places like Prague, Portugal, Germany, New York and Edinburgh.

With a degree in Dramatic Art specializing in textual interpretation from the Royal Higher School of Dramatic Art of Madrid, Jorge has a long history linked to interpretation which helps his live shows considerably.

Jorge Bedoya is not a typical pianist. He interprets the songs from his first album “Las Manos” in a monologue that is quite a show. He is talkative, he is comedy but he is also feeling. Jorge Bedoya is all about compositions that excite you, envelop you note by note and transfer you to your “inner self” without forgetting the comedy in every good drama.

Play “La Estación” if you want to fall in love with a stranger and cry together.

Fun fact: Jorge Bedoya is such a good actor that whatever he tells you, you will believe it.

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