Joaco Terán


Joaco Terán is an Argentinian singer-songwriter, producer, environmentalist and surfer who arrives in Spain to give voice to his project on the other side of the world.  

In it he expresses his way of life and mixes his two passions, music and the sea.

He currently has two albums, Madre Tierra and Despertemos. Both have been presented on two tours of South America. He has also participated as a guest artist with the most influential of his musical genre, such as Donavon Frankenreiter, Xavier Rudd, Armandinho and Matt Costa.

Positivism, good vibes, catchy lyrics. Listening to Joaco Terán is like going on that trip in the van you’ve been longing for, it’s like being in that beach bar with a mojito and contemplating the landscape from your favourite viewpoint.

Musical genre: surf-folk.

It's always time to raise awareness and listening to "Madre Tierra" is a good way to do it.

Fun fact: His relationship with the sea led him to create an environmental movement called Movimiento Madre Tierra in which he cleans beaches to raise awareness. 

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