Iñigo Soler


All the way from Valencia, Íñigo writes with his heart on his sleeve. He got his start in music in 2012 when he released his first albums with his band “Spheniscidae”.

With the band, he started going on national tours, press tours, shared the stage with some of the artists he’s admired since he was young, and even had a tour in Mexico. Later, with another band, “Geografies”, he introduced himself in the Valencian rock scene, and played in several music festivals from the area.

However, Íñigo has a special outlook of the world, so he started releasing his works as Íñigo Soler, introducing his audience to a more sentimental sound.

During 2020, “Nuestra Mejor Versión” served as his quarantine project, and now he has more recently released “Cosas Que Decir a Tiempo”, music that reflect the message that it’s never too late to say what you need to say.

Listen to “Dame un Beso, Idiota” if your plans include a road-trip and a kiss or two.

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