Dave Sonntag

Dave Sonntag
Dave sonntag


Dave is an acoustic singer-songwriter from Perth, Australia. The venerable musician creates feel-good music with dark undertones, telling conceptual stories and wearing heart on sleeve through every show. Dave has journeyed from skins to strings, putting the sticks down after seven years as a professional drummer to build rhythm-centric music with imaginative strumming techniques and velvety vocals. Dave’s voice works through his rhythmic melodies like water, swimming from piercing falsettos to powerful tones. If Tool were folk artists or Paul Simon was a drummer, you might find Dave’s sound. .

His velvety voice stands out among the beats that characterize him, achieving that in songs like “Crystal Ships” or “Cutting Holes In Hills”, two of his first singles with which the Australian launched himself into the industry, they have led him to tour Europe, Canada and Australia.

Dave Sonntag’s songs are worthy of a summer hit that, at the same time, addresses the harsh reality of life through his lyrics.

Listen to Crystal Ships if you want a summer song vibes.

Fun fact: if he had to describe himself with a single word it would be “wanderlust”.

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