Dani Llamas

Dani Llamas
Dami Llamas


More than 10 years have passed since Dani Llamas decided to take on a solo path outside of his initial bands G.A.S. Drummers and The Ships.

Since then he has released four albums that make his career more than consolidated by international and national tours in the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and a long etcetera.

Always looking for the perfect song, Dani Llamas’s music combines luminous choruses with deep soul and roots with the punk spirit that he has constantly drank from.

With his most recent album released in 2021 “La Verdad”, Dani claims his own path through with melodies and rhythms of American and Andalusian roots.

Summing up, Dani is all about the songs, very simple.

Listen to “Fui Piedra” if you would like to have a beer in a rock pub in Seville.

Fun fact: Dani has lived a whole year with tribes in their passage through Namibia and in Vanuatu.

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