Dan Millson


Dan Millson is all about power and goosebumps. British but raised in Spain his influences range from the folky sounds of Mumford & Sons through to more emerging artists on the scene such as Tom Walker and Lewis Capaldi.

His intense and emotional live show, just him and his guitar, enable him to be one of the ones to watch on the indie folk scene in Spain.

With his two singles “Lost Track Of Time” and “Queen Without A Crown”, which have reached more than a million views on digital platforms, Dan exposes a sensitivity that goes straight to the public’s heart.

His raspy voice, his folk style and his guitar make up the personality that Dan represents today. 

Dan is versatility, he is signature music with a folk-rock flavor, and he is magic on stage.

Listen to “Queen without a crown” if you want to listen to a great love ballad.

Fun fact: British raised in Spain and an absolute fan of both marmite and the Spanish omelette without curdling.

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