Camel Power Club

Camel Power Club
Camel Tropic Club


Léonard Bremond is the front runner behind the sounds of Camel Power Club. Léonard, multi-instrumentalist and born in the south of France, has made Camel Power Club part of the indie electronic scene since its beginnings in 2015. His guitar solos and his rhythms will shake your body whether you are up for it or not.

In 2017 the band released their first album ‘Baïkonour’ and ,since then, have not stopped playing at festivals and concerts. After the singles such as “Gizmo”, “Murano” or “Inana”, among others, in 2020 they released their EP “Why can’t we all be friends for the few years left?” an EP of enveloping sounds and rhythmic beats.

A summer cocktail, a surfing session, a pool party… Camel Power Club is more than ready to be the soundtrack of the best moments of your life.

Listen to “Ventura” if you are enjoying a beautiful sunset on your favourite cove.

Fun fact: Next to Léo, you will find Léa, his partner in crime.

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