Anthony Lázaro


From the beautiful Italy, Anthony Lázaro writes songs with a unique and authentic approach to Italian music. Since a very young age, he has had a very intimate relationship with music, which has lead him to create his own musical world that goes from pop to dark down tempo.

Anthony Lázaro composes from the soul and is able to touch the heart and explore a deep range of emotions. Like he says himself:

“I love delicate musicians like Nick Drake and Elliot Smith for the ways in which they’re able to reach your soul with a whisper and a gentle guitar stroke. But I also love the drama of Radiohead, the grandious of Queen, the variety of Devendra Banhart, and I will forever love the music of Al Green, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, and everything that’s touching.”

Listen to “Love Letter” if you feel sexy and sophisticated.

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