Andrea Di Giovanni


Italian-born London-based pop star on the rise Andrea Di Giovanni use their experience as gender-non conforming musician to empower other queer artists and enable change. 
Combining their catchy hooks to heartfelt lyrics, they have a unique sound
that feels primed for the top of the charts.

After releasing the club anthem Leave It, which gained over 100k streams, Andrea has released their debut album Rebel which shows a very deep and vulnerable side of the artist; mixing Andrea’s personal stories while tackling global issues close to their heart.

Their hit song Shame Resurrection from the EP Permission has been synced for the brand new Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things and reached over 1 million streams across all platforms.

Andrea’s songs are full of explosive and euphoric energy which is set to lift our spirits and move our bodies as if the clubs were suddenly opened again.

Genre: electronic pop

Listen to "Bang" and let yourself be carried away by the energy.

Fun fact: Singer, performer & human rights advocate.

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